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Lucca's Story

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Before my mom got married she lived alone in an apartment in Bogotá, Colombia (where I’m from) and she decided to get a lab pup. He’s name was Salvador and he was like a child to my mom. Unfortunately he died at the age of 15 (three years ago) and my mom couldn’t be sadder. About a year ago I decided I was going to look for a Breeder to get a new pup for my mom and my family. It was very hard and I couldn’t find any near by, plus I wanted this dog to come from a line of excellent dogs. Since this was practically impossible in Bogotá I decided that because I come a lot to the US I could simply by the dog and bring it to Colombia. The search was hard but then I found spirit oaks labradors and it was perfect. They had the litter of “Sy” and Hottie -beautiful yellow labs- which ended up being the litter of Lucca. I spoke to Cathy a lot and she made it all very straight forward and easy. I went with my family to her farm the day of the pick up and got Lucca. It was truly a match made in heaven. He’s only been with me a day but I can already say he’s a beautiful smart and loving little pup. I’m so exited for the years ahead.