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Maggie's Story

Spirit Oak Labrador Retrievers yellow Labrador Retriever Maggie  

"On Valentine’s Day, 1998, we purchased our beloved Maggie from you when she was 8 weeks old. She grew to be the love of my husband’s and my lives. We have had many dogs through our 36 years of marriage, but none touched our souls as completely as our Maggie did. You see, Maggie chose us.

When we came to your home that Valentine’s Day, we were looking for a yellow Labrador Retriever. You had about a dozen puppies in your whelping box and they were mixed colors of yellow and chocolate; however, one puppy was white in color. We noticed her standing proud at the back of the other puppies, but at that time we weren’t interested in a white color. However, we watched in amazement as she shouldered her way through the other puppies and came to the front of the box where she jumped up on the side and I promptly picked her up. That was all it took. We told you, we’ll take her.  She chose us and that began a joyous and happy 15 year blessing."

- Kim and John